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Reading a well-crafted blog post should be as satisfying as the thrill you feel when you begin a beautifully wrought story. I have established a successful career as a content strategist in a crowded, competitive environment by creating this level of material for myself and for clients. As an author who has taken the traditional route to publishing print books and who has self-published both e-books and print-on-demand projects, I am also a skilled conduit to assisting clients turn their blogs into books.

I undertake all of the above tasks with passion, persistence, artistry and invention, values that have enabled me to thrive in the swiftly changing world of new media. I use my own platform and those of my clients to help move them to the top of organic search results (and remain there). I work with those who wish to publish books to gain the traction that will allow them to sell their stories once they are fully realized.

As I have steered my career toward a dynamic hybrid that includes journalistic-style product reviews, and literary narratives with depth and breadth, I have provided clients with artfully rendered material that brings them valuable brand elevation. I promote the activity on my social network, which consistently achieves approximately two- to three-million impressions per interaction. Underpinning all of my pursuits—whether a planned post, a blitz on Instagram or a Twitter takeover—is a love for highly creative storytelling chock full of culturally significant references that enhance organic search-engine interest.

For Companies Seeking Sponsored Blogging Opportunities:

SH, the blog is dedicated to cultural/literary design and architectural storytelling. As such, it holds deeper narratives to enhance/promote brand elevation. These posts prove that explorations in design and architecture can go far beyond the norm to offer clients timeless and valuable portfolio pieces. Here is an example of a sponsored post.

Productrazzi is a product-review blog that highlights debuting furnishings and design products for the home and garden, hospitality and commercial settings, and identifies the latest trends.

Please contact me if you would like fees for blog sponsorship opportunities.

For Potential Clients Seeking a Content Strategist and Creator:

Blog-to-Book Strategy: What if you could create both simultaneously by working with someone who also understands the strategy involved in making your online content highly relevant while building a beautifully written book? You can. I have been experimenting with the process of turning blogs into books during the past several years, and I am surprised at how straightforward it is to accomplish this if you have a commanding point of view.

If you are a design or architecture professional who wants to publish a monograph or a themed design book, the head of a company who would like your brand’s story told, or any type of professional who wants to write a memoir, reach out to me and we’ll talk about how we can strategize your content so that you build enough material to publish a book AND produce highly relevant online content that will provide you with a marketing bonus.

Content Creation and Curation At the heart of my services is a talent for identifying and executing commendable content, which has never been more important given Google’s continual shifts in algorithm assessment. Not only are my writing skills critical for crafting engaging assets, my adeptness at a sophisticated level of storytelling that leads to brand enhancement is an aspect of writing that many of my competitors lack. My aptitude for interviewing, and my editing expertise combine to bring a powerful polish to online narratives and to blog-to-book projects.

Editorial Calendar Management My blog-to-book service dovetails with editorial calendar management. Through the process of strategizing the editorial calendar, books are built, chapter-by-chapter. It’s an exciting process that I urge designers, architects, CEOs and visionary professionals of all stripes to consider in order to leave a lasting legacy. What stories do you want to tell?

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