I am a stylist and a geek…


The Nowell Codex appears indecipherable but translated into the modern vernacular Beowulf’s epic poem has touched readers since 1000 AD. My goal as a New Media Strategist is to translate the virtual vernacular into powerful stories that resonate.


Through passion and persistence, artistry and invention, I’ve established a presence as a journalist and writer in a crowded, competitive, changing environment. I apply those same values in guiding my clients to fight their way to the top of an organic search.

I believe in the power of well-placed words and the poetry of algorithms. If that seems a contradiction so is the world I inhabit—of bots and black hats, spiders and sock puppets, orphans, hummingbirds and long-tail searches—codes that humanize technology and hold content up to ever-heightening standards.

Economy, emotionality, and authenticity are the stylists navigating tools. Voracious curiosity and passion for organization are the geeks. Over my years as a new media strategist, I’ve combined these strengths to create a philosophy and game plan that keeps my clients ahead of the curve:

The elegance of strategy.

To establish yourself on the digital communications map you need a vernacular that speaks to your core values but is flexible enough to evolve with the larger entity—the living, breathing, dynamic entity of new media. It has been the voice of revolutions, altered news reporting, created consumer participation in marketing, and become a force in politics, art and culture. If you want real estate there, you need to curate your presence. The right strategy means the difference between collecting a dynamic community or shouting into the void.

The clarity of message.

Social media has gone from disseminating culture to becoming a culture in itself. A culture where artistry and technology, communication and community, modernity and classicism meet in an ever-expanding, often transforming, sometimes explosive conversation. So how do you get invited in? In today’s sophisticated, canny and discriminating media audience, you have only one shot at getting it right – a powerfully written narrative that reflects your individuality and authenticity.

The poetry of algorithms.

Just as reportage evolved into the New Journalism, I believe media is currently transforming into New Media Poetry. As analytics are increasingly refined to ingeniously crawl media to discern between the relevant and the trivial, the superficial storyteller and the brilliant narrator, there is nowhere to hide except quality content. Purchasing power won’t buy you brand loyalty or genuine brand engagement. You need to plug into a cultural DNA that is original, involving and relevant.

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