Reading well-crafted online content should be as satisfying as the thrill you feel when you begin a beautifully wrought story. I have established a successful career as a content creator and strategist in a crowded, competitive environment by concentrating on the narrative arc for myself and for clients.

I approach each piece of writing I do from a stance of the creative, bringing my point of view as a poet and lyrical storyteller to my work. If this excitement I have for the written word resonates with you, please be in touch. I am listing my services below, each area of expertise hyperlinked to lead you to a fuller explanation of the tasks involved. Thank you for taking the time to stop by!

Sponsored Blogging

Clients have come to expect artfully rendered content with valuable brand elevation from me, and I revel in providing it. I promote all of the content I create on my social network, which consistently achieves millions of impressions.

Underpinning all of my pursuits is a love for highly creative storytelling that is chock full of culturally significant references aimed at enhancing organic search-engine interest. Here are several Sponsored Blogging post examples on the Improvateur blog and on Productrazzi.

Blog-to-Book Strategy

As an author who has taken the traditional route to publishing print books and who has self-published both e-books and print-on-demand projects, I am also a skilled conduit to assisting clients who wish to turn their blogs into books. My know-how allows you to build books from blog posts while being certain you are working with someone who understands the strategy behind making your online content highly relevant and visible.

Whether you are a memoirist, a manufacturer with a point of view, or a design or architecture professional, I can help you strategize, organize and realize the books you’ve been dreaming. Gerard McLean’s story is proof that you can accomplish this even if your blog has been abandoned for a while. As a co-founder of Sharktooth Press, I can also publish your book once it is finished if it falls within the realm of a text-only project. These are indeed exciting times!

Website Content Creation

At the heart of my services is a talent for identifying and executing commendable content creation, which has never been more important given Google’s continual shifts in algorithm assessment toward quality. Not only are my writing skills critical for crafting engaging assets, my adeptness at a sophisticated level of storytelling that leads to brand enhancement is an aspect of writing that many of my competitors lack.

My aptitude for interviewing, and my editing expertise combine to bring a powerful polish to the websites that I fill with engaging content. If you are going through a rebranding effort or are looking to improve your website content, I would be thrilled to speak with you about the project. You can see one of the gems in my portfolio by visiting the Global Lighting site. I’ve written pretty much every word on the SEO-powerhouse, and I either write or edit the content on the integrated blog Global Trends.

Are You Holding All the Cards to Achieve

the Legacy You’d Like to Leave?

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I undertake all of the work stated above with passion, persistence, artistry and invention—values that give me an edge in the swiftly changing world of new media in which moving to the top of organic search results (and remaining there) means the difference between being seen or remaining invisible. Are you ready to up the ante?