The 140:

Saxon Henry is a design, architecture & travel journalist, author & content strategist who understands leveraging influence for clients.

The Backgrounder:

As an author and design, architecture and travel-related design journalist, Saxon Henry has established a career as a content strategist and new media consultant in a crowded, competitive, changing environment. She has done so with passion, persistence, artistry and invention, values that have enabled her to thrive in new media with her own platform while benefitting the clients she has helped move to the top of organic search results (and remain there). Her journalistic pursuits continue as she cuts an avant-garde swath in this new media world, making her career a dynamic hybrid that morphs journalism with content curation and creation and sponsored blogging. Underpinning these multi-pursuits is her love of the highly creative narrative.

For Editors Seeking an Avid Design, Architectural, or Travel Journalist:

For Potential Clients Seeking a Content Strategist, Curator and Creator:

For Companies Seeking Sponsored Blogging Opportunities:

  • SH, the blog is dedicated to cultural/literary design and architectural storytelling. As such, it holds deeper narratives that further brand elevation and prove explorations in design and architecture can go far beyond the norm to offer clients timeless portfolio pieces.
  • Productrazzi is a product-review blog, highlighting debuting furnishings.
  • Adroyt’s blog is a savvy survey of design, architecture, travel and tech subjects.

The Wordyness:

Philosophically, Saxon believes in the power of well-placed words and the poetry of algorithms. If that seems a contradiction so is the world she inhabits—it is one of bots and black hats, spiders and sock puppets, orphans, hummingbirds and long-tail searches—codes that humanize technology and hold content up to ever-heightening standards. She is one of the early adoptive professionals who takes online and print legacy seriously, in the process gaining incredible traction for her clients by being knowledgable and authentic.

Voracious curiosity, a penchant for organization, an understanding of emotionality in the new media world are important tools in her arsenal as both a geek and a stylist. A bit about how she has used these attributes and talents to get ahead:

The elegance of strategy: To establish yourself on the digital communications map you need a vernacular that speaks to your core values but is flexible enough to evolve with the larger milieu—the living, breathing, dynamic universe of new media. It has been the voice of revolutions and has altered news reporting; it has created consumer participation in marketing; and it has become a force in politics, the arts and nearly every aspect of culture. If you want real estate there, you must craft a presence with the eye of a curator. The right strategy means the difference between collecting a dynamic community and shouting into the void.

The clarity of message: Social media has gone from disseminating culture to becoming a culture in and of itself, one where artistry and technology, communication and community, modernity and classicism meet in an ever-expanding, often transformative, sometimes explosive conversation. So how do you get invited in? In today’s sophisticated, canny and discriminating media audience, you have only one shot at getting it right – a powerfully written narrative that reflects your individuality and authenticity.

The poetry of algorithms: Just as reportage evolved into the New Journalism, publishing of all stripes is currently transforming into New Media Poetry. As algorithms are increasingly refined to be more human, analytics learn to discern between the relevant and the immaterial, and the superficial storyteller is obliterated by the brilliant narrator, there is nowhere to hide except in quality content. Purchasing power alone won’t buy you loyalty or genuine brand engagement. Now, you also need talent in order to plug into a proprietary DNA that is original, engaging and germane.

Saxon Henry writes about Currey & Co Debuts

Henry believes that more top-shelf brands are realizing they must leave the head-space of simply promoting themselves behind and begin to contribute to the culture at large as they plan and implement organic content strategy. She is a natural at helping make this happen brilliantly.