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Voltaire once said “It’s not enough to conquer; one must learn to seduce,” a maxim I take quite seriously as I create content for clients and craft entries for The Modern Salonière, my blog on this site. He wasn’t kind to the monarchy or the court of his era, his attitudes insolent to a fault, which is ironic given so many of the French courtiers used his writings to express the highest level of wit they valued so greatly. I have equal esteem for his intelligence and attitude, a smartness and seduction I aim to emulate in my writing.

This drive for depth is one of the unique things about me as a content strategist and creator, a role I fulfill for clients in the design and travel/lifestyle industries. You will find the explanation of the full range of my business services on Adroyt, and downloadable tutorials on my e-commerce site Adroyt LABS.


Saxon Henry: The Modern Salonière


I believe the most important thing I could say about myself if you have never come across my name is that I’m a storyteller through and through. It is a movement toward an ever-higher quality of narrative that has informed every word I’ve put on a page during the past three decades. I intend to achieve nothing less than a literary legacy here on my personal site, one that considers the broad sweep of thinkers who extend from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance through the last gasp of the ancien régime, when the French salon was all the rage, to the heyday of the Lost Generation and beyond. This quest centers me on the plumb line of literary history, a spot I feel honored to hold.


Henry Miller's Paris Diaries are about his research for the Tropic of Cancer. Henry Miller’s Paris Diaries prove that writing is challenging work!


I like to think of my personal platform as a “laboratory” on par with the ones writers have kept for as long as there have been scribes. I photographed the above image of one of Henry Miller’s Paris diaries, which served as the foundation for Tropic of Cancer—a masterpiece that forever changed the level of risk writers would dare to take as they were crafting fiction—during a trip to the Beinecke Library at Yale University. I visit the Beinecke as often as I can, doing research for my meanderings into literary history. The institution has had a tremendous impact upon my knowledge of cultural development and my understanding of the lives of my literary heroes. How does this research impact the content I create for clients? It brings a depth to my knowledge that resonates regardless what I am writing.

I am also an editor for Sharktooth Press, which I founded with Gerard McLean. I hope to help other writers leave legacies through my efforts there. As for here, on this corner of the web, I intend to be at play in the fields of language. I hope you enjoy the ride!


What People Are Saying about Saxon Henry


“Saxon you have done it again – you bring everything to life so vividly!” —Pippa Roberts, Pippa Roberts Publicity and Communications, Hertfordshire, UK

“You are the best writer of descriptive narrative for inanimate objects I’ve ever read. You give things a soul through your words. You just do.” —Gerard McLean, author and cofounder Sharktooth Press

“You sprinkled some very amazing magic dust on our community. We loved having you and you were extremely highly rated.  Love you in our world.” —Adam Japko, Founder and CEO Esteem Media and Design Bloggers Conference

“Your writing skills are indeed a blessing in the décor market, outstanding and a joy to read.” —Sandy Callahan, Barrymore Furniture

“We are definitely lucky to have you as part of the Global Lighting team. Looking forward to continued success and more growth with your assistance.”
—Pete Crisci, CFO Global Lighting