About Saxon Henry



Voltaire, who said “It’s not enough to conquer; one must learn to seduce,” could not have imagined the climate in which we communicate now but he sure knew how to describe the task content creators find ourselves facing each time we plan or execute a new interactivity for an online platform!

About Saxon Henry

Being a design, architecture and travel journalist was foundational in my writerly journey, a natural path to blogger, website content creator and blog-to-book strategist that has directed me well. Each of these skills has an important attribute at its core: the art of storytelling. It is a movement toward an ever-higher quality of narrative that has informed every word I’ve put on a page or screen during the last three decades.

Saxon Henry journalist authorCurrently, as a columnist, author, new media strategist and content creator, each highly honed narrative I compose is written with one eye to lyrical beauty and one eye to SERP traction. This is the case with articles for editors, blog-to-book projects, online content and the sponsored blog posts I craft for clients.

One of my best portfolio pieces to date is a redesign of a client’s online presence, which I accomplished with a fabulous team of collaborators. The project (and resulting analytics being studied now) has brought me a thrilling awareness as to what it takes to thrive in the challenging milieu of new media. Joaquín Belda, the web developer, sent me one of the most succinct and fun testimonials I’ve received to date when he wrote, “SEO is dead, but now we have Saxon Henry to create real journalism and improve our online presence in style!”

A Brief of Saxon Henry Projects


The talented techie was an integral piece of the transformation of the Global Lighting platform, as was Rod Ruiz, who designed the look and feel of the branding that we put into place. I am proud of the high quality content I have maintained for the client’s blog Global Trends with my cohort Lacey Howard of Goode Girl Media, which has been trendsetting since the day it debuted. Our work with the visionary behind the brand, Larry Lazin, in ongoing and rewarding.

My latest efforts include building an online platform for Bruce Andrews Design, and creating alluring storytelling for Pandora de Balthazár and & Company Said, the Currey & Company blog.

As I continue to develop a portfolio that includes other brand-nurturing online moves, I say to every writer wishing to be a creative thriver today that my work is evidence of the unparalleled opportunities available to us all.


Henry Miller's Paris Diaries: the power is in the point of view. Henry Miller’s Paris Diaries prove that writing is rewarding work!

Why does this diary prove that writing is rewarding work? Because it was one of Henry Miller’s “laboratories” that served as the foundation for his groundbreaking book Tropic of Cancer, a masterpiece that forever changed the level of risk writers would dare to take as they were crafting fiction. I photographed it during a trip to the Beinecke Library at Yale University, where I often go to do research for my knowledge of literary history and my understanding of cultural development. This drive for depth is one of the unique things about me as a content creator.

If you have found me by searching for someone who can accomplish excellence in content creation, welcome, and I hope you will be in touch.