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I believe that more top-shelf brands are realizing they must abandon the head-space of simply promoting themselves and begin to contribute to the culture at large as they plan and implement organic content strategy. I am a natural at helping make this happen. Contact me in order to begin a dialogue about planning your passionately conceived blog-to-book project, creating exemplary online content that will set your brand apart or making online literary history in some way!

The Poetry of Algorithms

Philosophically, I believe in the power of well-placed words and the poetry of algorithms. If that seems a contradiction so is the world I inhabit—it is one of bots and black hats, spiders and sock puppets, orphans, hummingbirds and long-tail searches—codes that humanize technology and hold content to ever-heightening standards. As an early adoptive professional who takes online legacy seriously, I understand how to gain incredible traction for myself and my clients by being knowledgable and authentic.

I have been blessed with the gift of tech-savviness and an ample dose of writerly talent, an unusual mix I celebrate greatly. I also have a voracious curiosity, a penchant for organization and an understanding of emotionality in the new media world, all important tools in my arsenal as a techie-cum-writer. My services include Sponsored Blogging, Blog-to-Book Strategy and Website Content Creation. I bring to these efforts an education as a poet, decades of experience as a journalist and a deep desire to live my life as a storyteller.

A Tech-Savvy Content Creator

To establish yourself on the digital communications map you need a vernacular that speaks to your core values but is flexible enough to evolve with the larger milieu—the living, breathing, dynamic universe of new media. It has been the voice of revolutions and has altered news reporting; it has created consumer participation in marketing; and it has become a force in politics, the arts and nearly every aspect of culture. If you want real estate there, you must craft a presence with the eye of a curator. The right strategy means the difference between collecting a dynamic community and shouting into the void.

Social media has gone from disseminating culture to becoming a culture in and of itself, one where artistry and technology, communication and community, modernity and classicism meet in an ever-expanding, often transformative, sometimes explosive conversation. So how do you get invited in? In today’s sophisticated, canny and discriminating media audience, you have only one shot at getting it right – a powerfully written narrative that reflects your individuality and authenticity.

Just as reportage evolved into the New Journalism, publishing of all stripes is currently transforming into New Media Poetry. As algorithms are increasingly refined to be more human, analytics learn to discern between the relevant and the immaterial, and the superficial storyteller is obliterated by the brilliant narrator, there is nowhere to hide except in quality content. Purchasing power alone won’t buy you loyalty or genuine brand engagement. Now, you also need talent in order to plug into a proprietary DNA that is original, engaging and germane.

Exemplary Quality

Have you been feeling blue about not achieving the legacy you’d like to leave to the world? There’s a cure for that!

Please note: 

I no longer manage or implement social media. 

My services regarding social are limited to creating strategy. 

I have excellent resources for professionals who do provide implementation if you would like referrals.