Just as reportage evolved into New Journalism, publishing of all stripes is currently clashing in a new media free-for all. Because algorithms are increasingly refined to be more human, search engine bots and spiders have learned to discern between the relevant and the immaterial. In this milieu, the superficial storyteller is obliterated by the brilliant narrator, which means there is no way to shine unless the highest quality content is the result of the fiery requirements of writing and editing.

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This is why I demand of myself poetics when creating my personal content online, just as great actresses like Jeanne Moreau have made their mark during their careers. Here you will find Saxon Henry the creative writer. I hope to educate as I entertain. Please let me know how I am doing if you feel so inspired!


Exemplary Quality

The Relevancy Movement

I have been blessed with the gift of tech-savviness and an ample dose of writerly talent, an unusual mix I celebrate greatly. I also have a voracious curiosity, a penchant for organization and an understanding of emotionality in the new media world—all important tools in my arsenal as a techie-cum-writer. Given the deluge of content being created, we have only one shot at garnering attention. My goal is to do so through the powerfully written narratives that reflect my individuality that I post here.

The term now being used for success online is relevancy, and I am well aware that the definition of the word is not a fixed mark to nail once and forget about. It’s a moving target that shifts continually. This has made me think like a producer—my task to create an entire vision and execute it. This requires persistence and an extremely heavy dose of testing and measuring. It’s what I am aiming at achieving here as I set the creative writing bar as high as I possibly can.

I also do this for clients. Since I came to a career that links SEO to effective content marketing strategy, I have gained a strong understanding of how to message the industries of home design and architecture. This means that I don’t see a chair as a construct of wood, glue, padding and upholstery; I see it as the spot in the corner of a room where a cup of tea is in hand or where exotic worlds are explored through a fascinating book. This point-of-view helps me to humanize products or projects in order to make them more appealing to consumers, a task I’ve aced repeatedly in the past—and knowledge I bring to the table before I begin to create a nuanced platform for future clients.

This is growing more important because success on the web is about building relationships with customers. To draw them in, they must be inspired. At the root of everything I do is the skill of telling stories that people find interesting. You can contact me about my services as an SEO strategist on Adroyt LABS or Adroyt, and about my role as an editor on Sharktooth Press. If you wish to engage with me about my creative writing, I would be happy to hear from you.