As business transactions continue to move online, Google’s importance grows. The search engine’s creators have clearly stated they want webmasters and content creators to “be free to focus on creating amazing, compelling websites.” Freshness of content is one of more than 200 unique signals or “clues” that decide which site is returned when someone does a search online. Understanding these clues is critical to coming up as early as possible in searches relating to your industry. This accomplishment is called relevance: knowing what this means is my skillset. To see the full scope of my knowledge as an SEO strategist, visit Adroyt.


Overview of My Expertise


When the task of maintaining relevance is skillfully accomplished, it is nothing less than an art form. There are many working parts to this puzzle and I am agile at configuring them to the utmost benefit of my clients.

Creating engaging content that achieves a high level of organic SEO strength is the foundation of my expertise, honed during two decades as a professional writer. During the past seven years, I have added online content creator and organic strategist to my career path. My deliverables are strategic moves that result in SERP [search engine results pages] relevancy for my clients in the design and lifestyle/travel fields.

I know my way around the CMS of a site or blog. That’s where the key elements that inspire search engine spiders crawling a site to declare it a fine example of relevance for the given product or service presented there. Are you naming images properly? Are you paying attention to issues such as categories and tags? Are you giving a page or a post the best opportunity it has to catch a customer’s attention? I answer each of these questions with a resounding YES! But more importantly in the new shift taking place is user experience because UX is the end-all/be-all in how search engines rank a site. Engaging content is the draw that influences visitors to come and to stay.


Are You Playing Your Best Hand?


My deep knowledge of the design and lifestyle/travel industries has been developed over twenty years as a journalist. My credits for a variety of national and international publications include The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Delta Sky, Latitudes, Aishti, Interior Design, Robb Report, Traditional Home, Interiors, Luxe, Home, Country Home, Coastal Living, Palm Beach Cottages & Gardens, Hamptons Cottages & Gardens, New York Spaces, Architizer, Modernism, Elle Décor, Architectural Digest, Better Homes & Gardens, Woman’s Day, Modern Luxury’s Miami and Manhattan magazines, Architectural Digest (Austria and Germany), Residence Magazine (The Netherlands), Casamica (Italy) and Style: Living (Singapore), and The Miami Herald Home and Design section.


A woman considering her next move


My clients have come to expect artfully rendered content created to bring them valuable brand elevation. I undertake all of this work with passion, persistence, artistry and invention—values that give me an edge in the swiftly changing world of new media in which moving to the top of organic search results (and remaining there) means the difference between being seen or remaining invisible. If you are going through a rebranding effort or are looking to improve your website content, I would be happy to speak with you about the project. Are you ready to up the ante?