You want to market yourself, your company or your products online but you feel the current climate on the web is an unproven free-for-all of ephemerality. And just when you think you have it figured out, Google tweaks its algorithms, kicking you back to page 17 of a search where only the bots and spiders crawling the internet will find you.

The answer to this quandary is far from simple; it’s a puzzle with many moving parts, one of which is exemplary content. That’s where I come in, a writer with a skill set that includes high-quality content creation fortified by organic SERP awareness.


Saxon Henry’s Services


Below are brief overviews of my services. Click the hyperlinked headline identifying each effort for more detailed explanations:

Sponsored Blogging

When social media was new, the most intelligent practitioners immediately grasped that if companies were going to succeed in the world of new media marketing, they were going to have to learn to be human. This is a tall order for large manufacturers of products who had worked with a model of simply providing quality to stay on top.

I’ve experimented heavily with social media since founding Adroyt in 2010 and I’ve learned the ins-and-outs of turning clients’ platforms into humanistic entities. I am now offering this service on an à la carte basis, providing clients with as little as a single post that intertwines their products with culturally vibrant and respected subjects or with a planned schedule of posts rolled out throughout each year. I have two outlets for these paid posts: here on The Diary of an Improvateur and on Productrazzi. I am also hired by design manufacturers and architects to create sponsored blog posts for dedicated blogs on their sites, such as the & Company Said blog developed by Currey & Company.

Website Content Creation

At the heart of my services is a talent for identifying and executing commendable content creation, which has never been more important given Google’s continual shifts in algorithm assessment. Not only are my writing skills critical for crafting engaging assets, my adeptness at a sophisticated level of storytelling that leads to brand enhancement is an aspect of writing that many of my competitors lack. My aptitude for interviewing, and my editing expertise combine to bring a powerful polish to the websites that I fill with high-quality content. My most recent effort in this vein is the Bruce Andrews Design site and blog, the Bruce Andrews Design Journal.

Blog-to-Book Strategy

What if you could build books from blog posts while working with someone who understands the strategy behind making your online content highly relevant? You can. Whether you are a memoirist, or a design or architecture professional, I can help you strategize, organize and realize the books you’ve been dreaming. Gerard McLean’s story is proof that you can accomplish this even if your blog is written and abandoned.

Even if you haven’t began a blog yet, we can strategize your content so that you will amass enough material to publish a beautiful book while creating highly relevant online content that will give you a marketing bonus. This is one highly relevant reason to begin a blog, even as everyone may be telling you that they are so last year! My blog-to-book service dovetails with editorial calendar management. Through the process of strategizing the editorial calendar, books are built, chapter-by-chapter. It’s an exciting process that I urge anyone who feels they have something of quality to say to consider in order to leave a lasting legacy.


 Please note: 

I no longer manage or implement social media. 

My services regarding social are limited to creating strategy. 

I have excellent resources for professionals who do provide implementation if you would like referrals.