Content Strategy and Content Marketing

At the heart of my services as a content strategist and content creator who understands SEO demands is an understanding the power of perfectly placed words. This has never been more important as businesses vie for attention online. Not only are my writing skills critical for crafting engaging assets, my adeptness at a sophisticated level of storytelling that leads to brand enhancement is an aspect of writing that most of my competitors lack.

I’ve been creating content for the design and travel/lifestyle industries for over two decades, first as a journalist and now as a strategist for clients in these fields. Beyond the ability to identify and tell the most powerful story to elevate a brand, I understand the pieces of the puzzle that, when composed effectively, lead to the highest level of relevancy online. My knowledge of organic SEO relevancy is substantial and includes word count demands, image naming, meta descriptions, headings, alt text, category and tag hierarchy, duplicate content issues, properly handling redirections inbound and outbound link protocol, how time-on-site and bounce rate effect performance, and which plugins are top picks. Fuller descriptions of my Content Strategy services reside on Adroyt, my business site. SEO tutorials are available for download on Adroyt LABS.

Blog-to-Book Strategy

You can see my offerings where Blog-to-Book Strategy are concerned on the Sharktooth Press site. I am a co-founder of the small press with Gerard McLean. If you are itching to leave a legacy in print, I hope you will stop by there and take a look at our services.

Ideas Are Today’s Currency

At the heart of it all, I am a storyteller who believes in the unreasonable power of creativity can thrive, a rally cry made by Kevin Roberts in his now famous “Marketing is Dead” speech in 2012. “Ideas are today’s currency, not strategy,” he noted. You might be surprised that I agree with this given what I do for clients but I embrace his premise wholeheartedly because as a strategist I am a creatively driven one who always strives to actualize avant-garde ideas that make a difference. Let’s begin a conversation if you agree.