Blog-to-Book Strategy



When I mention Blog-to-Book strategy to architects and design professionals, the typical refrain I hear is, “I don’t have time to take off from my career in order to write a book.” I get it! When you are involved in running a business, the focus and hours it takes to put your thoughts into coherent writing rarely exist (beyond the time you mange to capture on an airplane!).

Blog-to-Book Strategy


What if you could build books from blog posts while working with someone who understands the strategy behind making your online content highly relevant? You can. Whether you are a memoirist, or a design or architecture professional, I can help you strategize, organize and realize the books you’ve been dreaming. Gerard McLean’s story is proof that you can accomplish this even if your blog is written and abandoned.

Even if you haven’t began a blog yet, we can strategize your content so that you will amass enough material to publish a beautiful book while creating highly relevant online content that will give you a marketing bonus. This is one highly relevant reason to begin a blog, even as everyone may be telling you that they are so last year! My blog-to-book service dovetails with editorial calendar management. Through the process of strategizing the editorial calendar, books are built, chapter-by-chapter. It’s an exciting process that I urge anyone who feels they have something of quality to say to consider in order to leave a lasting legacy.


A book should never be an afterthought:

put it at the core of your activities.


It has become tradition for professionals to have writers either ghost their memoirs and/or their design and architecture books or share a byline, which we in the writing world call a “with” credit. But these efforts are generally deadline-enforced and carry an intense amount of pressure in a relatively short period of time. That books bring professionals credibility is a given: my architecture book was a boon for my platform when it came out and my memoir has generated a tremendous amount of buzz for my career.

For those who’ve never managed to get their work into print, managing to interest publishers in a potential book will depend upon an existing online audience, an effort that most often includes a blog. If there is no time to write the book, from where will the hours to create blog posts and market yourself online magically appear?

What if you could create both simultaneously by working with someone who also understands the strategy involved in making your online content highly relevant while building a beautifully written book? You can. I have been experimenting with the art of turning blogs into books during the past several years, and I am surprised at how straightforward it is to accomplish this if a person or a company has a commanding point of view.


My Methods Are Proven


My books Home of the Brave and Stranded on the Road to Promise both began as a blog, and I would never have managed creating a fully-realized manuscript if I hadn’t written it piecemeal, the blog providing me with a stream of smaller deadlines that were possible to meet in the midst of an insane schedule building and maintaining online platforms for my clients.

If you are a design or architecture professional who wants to publish a monograph or a themed design book, the head of a company who would like your brand’s story told, or any type of professional who wants to write a memoir, reach out to me and we’ll talk about how we can strategize your content so that you build enough material to publish a book AND produce highly relevant online content that will provide you with a marketing bonus.

A caveat: if the manuscripts produced for clients are intended for print books published through traditional channels, I do not promise publication. I only guarantee the material a client receives will be of the highest quality available and the posts composing it will be the most relevant content it is possible to create (meaning the organic-strategy benefits will be the best there is). The materials at the end of the project will be delivered in the organized manner required to publish through Print on Demand.


Turn Your Blog Into a Book

or Create a Blog You Can Publish as a Book Down the Road


For a client wishing to go the traditional route, the material will be handed over in manuscript form so that it is ready to turn over to a publisher. This is for clients who have already sold the book idea to a publisher, as my services do not include a book proposal, which often comes first in the process of attracting an agent or a traditional print publisher. Technology has not quite caught up with the level of sophistication needed to produce virtual coffee table books of the quality I recommend so if this is your desire, let’s work together to make the material so good a publisher will be hard-pressed to say no!


The laurel wreath by Saxon Henry
Leaving an exemplary legacy is the wisest thing a human being can do. Will yours be worthy of the laurel wreath?


Editorial Calendar Management

for Blog-to-Book Projects


My blog-to-book service dovetails with editorial calendar management. Through the process of strategizing the editorial calendar, books are built, chapter-by-chapter. An online presence, if maintained properly, can easily result in the material required to publish a book. The thematic consistency and personality that makes your story resonate are simple to identify and maintain if you are accustomed to the rigor of planning and executing the narrative.

Maintaining an editorial calendar for a blog is one of the most rigorous and important tasks an entity with an online platform will undertake. Having a certain number of posts written and waiting in a queue is rule number one, which requires having a variety of “evergreen” ideas for the future. The editorial calendar is never a fixed mark: it shifts and segues as new opportunities for engagement occur, so it requires exemplary organization skills and a tremendous level of foresight to effectively maintain what will essentially be an entity’s legacy on the web. My inbox is a veritable treasure trove of ideas that can be immediately translated into content. It has been built during decades of journalism and it is of great value to me.

One client recently told me he felt he had a publishing arm of his company because his blog continued to grow into a cultural icon. He made the statement with pride, adding, “It’s important that this be done with the highest quality, which you are bringing to the table, because the web is not like a gallon of milk: it has no shelf-life!” I couldn’t agree more and this is why I put a tremendous amount of time and effort into collaborating with all of my clients to curate the elements appearing on their online platforms.

That’s savvy management of an online presence.

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