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At the heart of my services is a talent for identifying and executing commendable content creation, which has never been more important given Google’s continual shifts in algorithm assessment. Not only are my writing skills critical for crafting engaging assets, my adeptness at a sophisticated level of storytelling that leads to brand enhancement is an aspect of writing that many of my competitors lack. My aptitude for interviewing, and my editing expertise combine to bring a powerful polish to the websites that I fill with high-quality content.

I have been crafting stories (articles, essays, books and blog posts) for nearly two decades, and I have gleaned a wealth of knowledge in the print world that translates beautifully to online platforms. But there is a consideration online that was never a consideration for print producers: the need to understand how to be as efficient in organic strategy as possible so that Google regards your online mentions and everything you do as highly relevant and engaging.

SEO is important in every aspect of the online platform to bring a make-or-break strength to search-engine rankings. Content creation must (I can’t say this strongly enough) be about humanizing companies in order to make them engaging: this is at the center of my sponsored blogging activities. If this isn’t at the heart of your efforts, I would urge you to rethink your strategies because it is becoming more difficult to be heard through the din of social media noise with each passing day.


Animate your narrative with creativity and intelligence…


What is all the fuss about Google’s algorithm tweaks? The past several years have brought high-quality content creators a serious leg-up. Updates are rolling out continuously so if you’re not aware of the actions they are targeting, you may be creating content in the dark—never good strategy for anyone hoping to gain traction in the online marketing game.

Google updates are now aimed at helping improve conversational search in order to move toward the “Siri” era when people will be speaking requests to obtain search results. It’s meant to improve the meaning behind the words, or what is called relevancy. If you are searching for a plant for your flowerbed, you would not want to be directed to a listing for a chemical plant. Google is making its algorithms more intuitive so that they will recognize the difference.

This means the days of getting traction by “tricking” the system (having keywords inserted into the “backend” of a blog or a website) are gone. If the keywords you use are relevant, you’re in good shape; if they are not, you’re in trouble. Google’s advice for everyone: “have original, high-quality content” and market it to the audience who is really going to want to see it.

If you are going through a rebranding effort or are looking to improve your website content, I would be thrilled to speak with you about the project. You can see several of the gems in my portfolio by visiting the Bruce Andrews Design site and  the Global Lighting site. I’ve written every word on these SEO powerhouses, and on the integrated Global Lighting blog Global Trends, and the Pandora de Balthazár Experience.


Wisdom and Knowledge Mural represent content creation

As this powerful architectural element at Rockefeller Center declares,

“Wisdom and Knowledge Shall Be

the Stability of Thy Times.”

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