Content Strategy

Saxon Henry is a content strategist with more than a decade of experience


My Content Strategy Services


I have become known for Adroyt Content Strategy during the past decade, my knowledge of SEO as it relates to exemplary organic strategy one of the main focuses of my career whether I am creating blog posts or product descriptions for interior designers, furnishings manufacturers or architects. My work begins with one question: Would you rather be on page 1 or page 17 of a Google Search?

The Relevancy Audit

A look behind the scenes of a site, which I call a Relevancy Audit, helps me gain a clear picture of what is standing between you and a greater number of potential serious consumers. The report that I generate gives you a snapshot of the steps that must be taken to help you gain ground against your competitors. Once the report phase is over, I can act on the recommendations for you or turn them over to your team to implement.

Content Optimization

In the home furnishings industry, content optimization means paying attention to the quality of the visuals AND the descriptive nature of the words on a site. Everything the design industry stands for is based upon beauty, which I’ve covered as a design journalist for over two decades. Are you painting a picture in words that will inspire the two most important calls to action you will ever hope to receive? Before you can charm visitors to your site, you must entice the spiders crawling the web to bring them to you. I am fluent in achieving both.

UX Evaluations

UX is an important acronym in the online canon. It stands for User Experience. The markers that search engines use to rank that experience is called “dwell time” and it is a crucial factor in determining where you show up on searches. Reach out to begin a dialogue about my UX Evaluations, which will give you a clearer picture as to where your marketing strategies are hindering your SEO strength and the steps you can take to change this. It’s a worthy investment in attracting new consumers.

Strategy Hacking

My Strategy Hacking is a critical exercise because the puzzle pieces that must be put into place that will help a company succeed online are constantly changing shape. If you’re not keeping up with how you look in Google’s eyes, you’re working blind—not a smart strategy in today’s competitive marketplace. Strategy Hacking is an ongoing study of how the traffic into (and out of) a site is affecting SEO, and how a marketing strategy can be changed to improve the impacts of all traffic on a site.


You Have Vision: I Have Precision! 


I am uncompromisingly determined to assure that the written content on my clients’ sites do each brand’s vision justice. It’s a natural for me given I have been creating content in the design arena for nearly three decades. While they are focused on creating quality products, I revel in turning their visions into an increased market share by earning them greater respect as an arbiter in the interior design industry.

I ensure each brand has intelligently crafted, highly optimized content to publish, which tells Google the company cares about an exemplary user experience. This is key to earning the level of respect that will entice the search engine to move a company ahead of its competition in search.


Today’s content creation game requires brawn and beauty: strength of knowledge melded with aesthetic refinement. I have both. The bottom line is: most content creators shy away from tech; most SEO specialists aren’t writers; few of either have created as much content in the design realm as I have.


I take great pride in being not only a tech-savvy content creator but a talented writer with decades of experience creating content for the interior design realm. When I optimize content, it is nothing less than an art form.

I also understand the challenges busy executives face when it comes to staying abreast of the ever-changing Google algorithms. That’s why I pay attention to what’s going on behind the scenes to be ready to advise clients on changes that will make their content strategy stronger. 

I have built a solid reputation in assisting clients gain a competitive edge online. I implement refined strategies that result in higher quality traffic and a greater level of engagement, which ultimately builds a stronger customer base. If you are ready to increase your online visibility, to be seen as an arbiter of taste in the interior design industry and to attract new design consumers who value a great user experience, I have a map for that. Reach out to me so we can begin a dialogue about your needs.