JoAnn Locktov at Streamsong

Poem at Streamsong

I’m visiting Streamsong Resort near Tampa to experience the natural beauty and incredible architecture, the latter created by Alberto Alfonso, who was featured in my book Four Florida Moderns. It has been wonderful to be able to catch up with the visionary who co-founded Alfonso Architects. The experience has been delicious in every way, from the food and spa treatments to the richness of nature and the astuteness of Alberto’s designs. I was inspired to write a poem this morning, the composition flowing into my writer’s notebook with ease. It expresses my feelings about the main lodge nestled within the wild beauty of its setting.

Streamsong Resort near Tampa, FL
…the architecture of their communion…

Poem at Streamsong

The Nature of Love

The slow simmer of a storm
on the western lip of the sky;
hummocks of shaggy grass
sprouting exuberantly in
articulated rows;
pools of light becoming moons
of shimmering emotion
within nature’s uncompromising gaze.
Snouts leave wakes in lakes
as the gators thread their way
through water, put in their place
by the steadfast posturing of his build.
Long and lean, a brute strength
thrums within him. He speaks to
the undulant embrace of the land,
boldly declaring he will remain
free of entanglements. She is patient.
She knows her wiles; is certain
her lushness will draw him to her.
And it does. His countenance softens
once he understands that he sees,
right before him, all the evidence
he needs to prove that love exists.
She opens to him,
her voluptuous being cupping
his taut bones to answer
all the questions
they never dared to utter–
the why, the when, the where;
but most of all, the whom.
Suddenly, he becomes that soul
at home with feet in her sand,
head in her heavens; a heart pulsing
so wildly it inspires passion
in all who enter into the architecture
of their communion.

I’d like to thank Streamsong Resort for comping my trip here and to say this had no bearing on the opinions I’m expressing in this piece. I’m thrilled to see Alberto continuing to push the envelope because it makes it clear to me he will leave one fine legacy when all is said and done. Take a bow, Alberto; yes, that is applause you are hearing!

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