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The below quote by Emile Zola pretty much sums up the level of passion I have for producing the highest-quality writing possible, which shows in my portfolio. Writers who have been in the business as long as I have have lived through a time of failing magazines and newspapers, cascading book sales, and dumbed-down web writing filled with SEO tricks.


If you ask me what I came into this world to do, 

I will tell you: I came to live out loud.


Thanks to Google’s continuing algorithm shifts, exemplary, relevant content is being rewarded in search results with more vigor all the while. This means a high-quality writer’s skills are not simply necessary for entities wanting to thrive in the new internet environment, they are crucial. My career as a newspaper reporter, journalist, author, essayist, playwright and poet enables me to offer my clients a clear advantage when it comes to creating online content and strategizing blog-to-book projects.


Design, Architecture, Travel Writing Credits


My niche as a journalist has been focused around interior design, architecture and design-related travel; and for nearly two decades, I have written for a wide variety of shelter and travel publications. My concentration within these intertwined fields has brought me remarkable connections and a thorough knowledge of how to tell the broader/deeper/fuller story inherent in each opportunity to communicate.

In this drive for depth, I see a chair as a portal for exploration with a good book in hand rather than a construct of wood, glue, padding and springs; a building that an architect has fretted over as an opportunity for an emotional interaction; and a hotel room, whether it is in a vibrant urban area or a calm corner of nature, as a gateway to whatever experience a gallivant is seeking. These are the jumping off points to telling a designer’s, architect’s, travel venue’s or brand’s story with greater intensity and emotionality.

My passion for design, architecture and travel is at the heart of my own platform, but at the center of all that I do is a love of storytelling. Telling a good tale, after all, is what it takes to create engagable warmth, whether the task at the end of the day is to sell products, report about designed buildings or spaces, or create an immersive travel takeaway that will have visitors clamoring to your proverbial shores.

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