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Anywhere but Here, one of Saxon Henry's newest books


Anywhere but Here


Anywhere but Here is one of Saxon Henry’s newest books, and her first book of poetry to date. The poems included within it were written over the past two decades, her passion for writing poetry explored at Vermont College under Tom Absher and at New York University, where she studied under William Packard, the late editor of The New York Quarterly.


Stranded on the Road to Promise


Stranded on the Road to Promise


My newest book, Stranded on the Road to Promise is the story of finding my footing as a writer while simultaneously navigating the South Dakota and Alaskan reservations, two states in which I found herself and others challenged. Visit the book’s dedicated page to read more.

Saxon Henry's Four Florida Moderns


Four Florida Moderns


What architects are saying about Four Florida Moderns:

“The architecture of Alfonso, Gonzales, Oppenheim, and Peterson testifies to the fact that modern architecture is not a style but a way of life. In their work, modernism evolves into a lyrical language. With informality, sensuousness, and relaxed atmospheres, their buildings thrive in the strong light and lush landscape of Florida. The strength of expression and primacy of geometry still exist as heroic gestures, but the possibility of intimacy in modernism as demonstrated by their work has never before been achieved. Their work goes beyond mere ideology and style. The buildings exist in harmony with their site and climate, mutating the tradition of modern into a melodic relationship between architecture and nature.” — Toshiko Mori, FAIA, principal, Toshiko Mori Architect, and former chair of the Department of Architecture, Harvard University Graduate School of Design

Four Florida Moderns brings a fresh approach and outlook to Florida through the resolution of architectural problems in a tropical environment. In lush, striking photos, it highlights the work of four native architects, all of whom are acutely aware of the nature of the tropics and the romanticism of its qualities. By incorporating water, breezes, vistas, shadows, and heat into their work, the psychological appeal is impressive and undeniable. Their exploration and application of new materials and natural elements is innovative. I recommend this book highly.”—Mark Hampton, FAIA, Mark Hampton Architect, Miami, FL

Cover photo of Four Florida Moderns by Ken Hayden.