The New York Times

As a journalist, having my byline in The New York Times has been a source of pride. I take writing and telling the best possible story very seriously, and this fascination benefitted my editors significantly, and benefits my clients equally now.


Writing for The New York Times


New York Wolf Center by Saxon Henry


I was in awe of Apache, the white wolf showing affection to J. Henry Fair at the New York Wolf Center in South Salem, New York, on the day the lead image was taken. I truly respected the work that Fair and Hélène Grimaud were attempting by educating the public about the ways which wolves have been maligned in our culture. Being able to see the excitement the New York City school children expressed as they were watching the wolves interact with Fair made this one of the most satisfying assignments I have had to date.


The Thrill of a New York Times Byline


Having my byline appear in The New York Times was a dream come true for me as a journalist. I’ll never forget the first time I raced to the bookstore to buy a copy of the edition of the Sunday paper in which my article was published: I couldn’t even wait until I checked out to open the thick paper to find my piece. A thrill went through me as I saw my name  between those two bars at the top of the column. Other thrills would follow—my first bylines in major design and architecture magazines, and my first, second and third books published—but I think because the Times was my first major accomplishment as a writer, the opportunity will remain one of my biggest pleasures ever.


Saxon Henry The New York Times


Pop stars aplenty have made their way through Al Hemberger’s recording studio in Bronxville, New York, and I had such a blast researching and writing this fun story! Being able to meet visionaries like Al made writing for the Times all the more rewarding.